Diamond shaped Knurl

Discussion created by Guest on Jul 6, 2006
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There isn't much question that the crispness of your cut part far exceeds that of the cosmetic one. The final one will be even more crisp in the sense that the lines will be cut deeper, allowing the center line created by it's two offset cuts to be raised to a point.
Did you use an annular cut, or a helical cut? Not knowing surfaces yet, I will asume that it can be done using both methods? Because I do have some experience modeling springs and cutting threads in bolts, I am again assuming that I can do something of the same order here, using a cut sweep? The pistol grip that I will be making, however, is a different animal, with a less radical radius. Of course it is limited to being knurled with an annular cut. The cyllinder, being the only geometry that I can think of that can support both helicoil and annular methods. I am thinking that a single line drawn across the pistol grip surface, with a plane normal to the end of the line at the edge of my part, with a triangle shaped cutting edge, can be cut-swept across the surface, then arrayed across to the extremeties of the grip, 70 degrees diagonal to one another?This is where I need the help
Doctor, I want to sincerely thank you for the time that you have spent at my behest, and please know that the knowledge that you share with us of less skills, is appreciated more than you know.