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View/Zoom changes when I type a value into an entry box...why?

Question asked by Jim Mongiardo on Jul 29, 2020
Latest reply on Aug 4, 2020 by Jim Mongiardo

I just reran into a possible bug and I thought I pick the collective forum brain...


I am in an assembly creating new pipe parts between placed fittings.  Dirt simple stuff.  When I dimension my pipe circle profiles in my sketch the view/zoom always goes wonky when i type in the correct value.  The initial sketches are not hugely off from what they should be.  The view is so bad that the quickest fix is to zoom extents and then get back to the right spot.  Scrolling on the mouse wheel or panning doesn't even get me remotely close.  That's how badly it gets changed.


So, what is going on? Why would data entry on dimension in a sketch change anything?  As I recall, this is definitely a new part within an assembly issue.  Thoughts?