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problem with references in my Library Feature

Question asked by steve winter on May 21, 2009
Latest reply on May 22, 2009 by steve winter
I am trying to figure out how to design my Library Feature so that it is positioned as I want it relative to the edges of a face.

I created the Library Feature starting with a base feature on the Top plane. I added references from the feature to the edge of the base. When I add the feature from the library to a face of a part that is parallel to the top plane, I can select the left , then bottom edge of this face of the part and the feature ends up located correctly.

The problem is when I add the feature to a face of my part that is not parallel to the Top plane. I again select the left and bottom edges for reference, but then the feature can end up located on the left side of the edge, instead of the right side.

It seems that the feature is located relative to the Top plane, used in the creation of the Library Feature, but I want it referenced to the normal of the plane I select to place the feature on.

I am new to creating Library Features, so may be leaving out some important step. I studied the Help files, under "Library Features" and followed their steps and everything worked fine except for this problem.