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Is there a way to use "Set Revision" with out having State set to increment by 1?

Question asked by Ben Nemec on Jul 29, 2020
Latest reply on Aug 5, 2020 by Ben Nemec
  • I have the need to use the "Set Revision" tool in PDM, a lot for the near future, as admin user.  Regular users do not have permission to Set Revision.  The current value of the revision counter and/or what's on data card is incorrect in many files.
    • working on API to take care of most of them but it's tough to teach the computer how (create an algorithm) to determine what the revision should be and I need something for the "now"
  • The files will be in many of the states in our workflow.
  • From what I can tell, to use Set Revision the state that the file is in must have the "Revision Numbers" tab settings of which serial number to use, obviously, and must also have Increment by 1 (or some number greater than 0, I tired 0)
    • If this is not set then the drop down to select what to set the revision to is blank or only shows the current revision.
  • If I set this Increment By value to 1 in all the states that files could be in, just so I can use the Set Revision tool, the revision counter is incrementing out of control.
  • There are 3 transitions in our workflow where the revision should be incremented and 2 transitions where the revision is "Stamped" as I call it, the transition action is called "Inc. Revision


I grasp that there are many ways to set up revisioning scheme in a workflow and many places have different processes and requirements they must work within.  I'm open to discuss those methods, although it's difficult to do without understanding of the entire workflow I believe.  So that's why I'm just asking if there's a way I can use the Set Revision tool or something similar on files in any state in the workflow and not need the state's Increment By set to >0



Thank you.


Oh yeah, if there's nothing then I'm thinking it's worth while that I write PDM add-in that will just set the rev on selected files based on what I put in the form I would create.  I would rather not do that if I don't need to.  Obviously, only admins would have permission to this add-in.