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Composite curve swept boss base not working

Question asked by Tom Friddell on Jul 31, 2020
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2020 by Paul Salvador

Composite curve swept boss base not working:  I am creating a torsion spring (below) and have already successfully done so several times in the past but I needed to adjust the end lead sketches and now the central helix is skipped by the swept boss base.  The spring consists of two end wires (2D sketches) and a central spiral.  The two end wire sketches are joined to the spiral on each end with a pierce relationship so they are indeed making a connection.  Also the end curves and spiral are joined together in a composite curve by selecting them in the order that they are physically connected and then creating the composite curve.  Then a 3D sketch is created and the composite curve is copied to the 3D sketch with a convert entities command.  Finally, the whole thing is fit with a spline to smooth out jerks (technical term for discontinuities in the 2nd derivative) in the path.  The 3D sketch is then selected as the basis of the swept boss base but as can be seen below, the result is as though the spiral doesn't exist and the end wires are able to be joined.  Although the composite curve does not show the spiral in the tree on the left, if you edit the CompCurve4, you see that the spiral is indeed included.  This looks like a bug in Solidworks.  Can anyone help with a work-around or tell me how to modify my procedure? Torsion spring showing swept boss base issue