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2020 SW no longer shows center point for circular sketch pattern?

Question asked by Austin Reiss on Jul 30, 2020
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2020 by Alex Lachance

In SW '19 (and in previous versions) when creating a circular sketch pattern it would create a point that was the patterns center which you could drag around, but since I upgraded to 2020 no such point appears. I don't know how to define the center of the pattern now (you could always select a point when creating the pattern, but that didn't define it and could always be dragged to a different location). In my attached picture I've shown a simplified version of this. The first circle is well defined (pic 1). When I pattern it (pic 2) and then move one of the patterned circles (pic 3), there is no longer a center point to dimension. The final pic is what it used to display after moving a circular pattern (I've added a point in myself to show what it used to look like). Anyone else have this issue?