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Macro to rename master model and keep references to child parts

Question asked by Sean Fearon on Jul 29, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2020 by Fifi Riri

I am writing a macro that copies over a master model and its folder structure which contains the child part files, and renames the parts/drawings based on a size change. (the "size" is in the title of each part and drawing)


I have got the part where it copies over the folder structure and solidworks documents working well. 


I am having trouble renaming the solid works parts and drawings without breaking references to the children parts. 


For context the master model is a multi-body .SLDPRT file where I am using the Insert->Features->Save Bodies feature to save out the individual bodies into their own part files to make drawings off of. What I have done in the past to fix this is use the solid works rename function in the file explorer window. but this is very time consuming as I have to start with the master model, then do every drawing, and then every part. I was hoping I could incorporate this functionality into the macro and have it loop through the file structure. 


The problem I am running into is most of the "find references" or "rename" methods are built around assemblies with parts in them, not multi body parts. If anyone has advice on a method to use or a chunk of code that is useful for this the help would be very appreciated!