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?? Gaming Card + Workstation Card, 1 monitor each ??

Question asked by Bryan Falk on May 21, 2009
Latest reply on May 30, 2009 by Bryan Falk
Hey guys,

I use my machine for both work and play. Solidworks and product rendering by day, Zombie bashing by night. A good gaming card does great for the games, and so-so for workstation related stuff. A workstation card is nothing short of abysmal for games, and you know the rest...

Since most games only play on the primary monitor, and I can MOVE the SolidWorks window to either screen; would it be feasible to run both a GeForce (as primary) and a Quadro (secondary) card simultaneously?

How does the desktop/workspace work with such an arrangement (i.e. is it still one big stretched desktop and the mouse moves between them)?

How about driver interference...will the two drivers "play nice" ?

(PS - I am not interested is soft-modding a GeForce - just too much hassle with constant resets etc)