Patrick Snitjer

Selection Outline is offset

Discussion created by Patrick Snitjer on Jul 28, 2020

Dear Solidworks Community,


While working on a 3d model of mine a really annoying thing occured. I don't know whether it is a fault of mine or a bug, but I suspect the latter.
Basically, I have made an enclosure, that fits around the parts, inside of the assembly. That way when I move around the parts, the enclosure adjusts accordingly. 


However, sometimes, randomly, this weird thing occurs. Whenever I want to select anything of some parts, the selection outline offsets. It's really annoying, because I can't really tell what I'm selecting when it's off-screen. When I do something like hide/show the part it sometimes solves the problem very temporarily. Restarting Solidworks entirely does the same thing. But after a few seconds it happens again.


I have attached a short clip of how it looks. I was setting up a simulation, but the problem is also present in the model section. You can see that the cylinders are selecting normally, but the enclosure and the mounting pad underneath (which isn't a part made inside of the assembly) are behaving weirdly


It's really the only problem I'm having with this model.


I hope that somebody can help me.