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CSWA Prep course voucher issue

Question asked by Burhan Qaddoumi on Jul 28, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 28, 2020 by Burhan Qaddoumi

This morning I completed all of the courses in the CSWA prep course via and per the promo info on the My Solidworks Training page, expected to see a "Redeem Voucher" button (as stated on the CSWA Prep Course page). I understand that this is quite last minute, but I only learned of the promo this past weekend, and have been pushing hard to complete the course with enough time to attempt to practice exam and still have some time for taking the actual exam. I looked for any means to contact Solidworks/Dassault Systems support regarding training, but the links I found ended up being circular or trying to push me towards 3D Experience support (which I don't have an account for and didn't think would support the training for My Solidworks; please let me know if this is wrong).


I'm hoping that someone can let me know if there's a time delay before the button appears, or if an email is automatically sent (I checked but have not received one yet). I appreciate any help in figuring out how to ensure I'm able to redeem the CSWA voucher.

[EDIT: removed incorrect (old) screenshot as pointed out by Dave Laban]