Erich Becker

SolidWorks 2009 Installation Interrupted

Discussion created by Erich Becker on May 21, 2009
Hello Everyone.

I recently made an Admin image of SolidWorks 2009, upgrade it to SP3, and was attempting to deploy it to a few systems to make sure the image worked before fully deploying the package to all systems soon.

However during the install process, after I'm asked all of the standard questions, the install claims it has been interrupted and fails. This happens whether or not I choose to upgrade my 2008 installation or do a fresh install, and it always happens after the "Find License Server" box pops up and I conform my license server (HOWEVER, the software has NOT YET been upgraded and only 2008 licenses are present on it).

Would not having a valid 2009 SNL license on the server cause the install to fail. I seem to remember in previous years that I wouldn't have any issues install the program regardless of the license server version and configuration.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


Erich Becker
AeroSpec, Inc.