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Odd CTRL key stickiness. Anyone familiar?

Question asked by Juha Tuomensaari on Jul 29, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2020 by Juha Tuomensaari

I have been using SW 2018 professionally for about three months and during the time I have encountered this issue with SW-Drawing and CTRL key sticking randomly by itself.


It's frustrating. Almost daily, sometimes even often, I notice a problem with selecting objects, lines, annotations, anything... and mouse clicking works like I had CTRL key pressed to multi-select. Hitting, literally, ESCape doesn't remove selections. CTRL+S, +Q ... keyboard shortcuts - stop working.


What I can is to hold CTRL and click objects to deselect them but SW doesn't recover that way. Only choice I've found so far is to reboot the app. Which obviously causes problems itself. We work with SolidPDM and when last saving attempts have failed I need to load whole assembly and it's drawing from server again.


I have changed keyboard once though because of other issues but maybe I'll try disabling mice function keys...  


Anyone else encountered this behavior?




- JT