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link to bom table blank using derived view

Question asked by Sean Johnson on Jul 28, 2020

I've searched on this, but the results all seemed to involve older versions of SW.  I'm using 2019 SP2.


I have a configuration driving a bom table.

I have a derived configuration with an explode on a different sheet.  When I add that view to my drawing, the "Link balloon text to specified table" box is blank.  

I have checked that the derived configuration is from the same one driving the BOM table.

I added a view on the same sheet as the BOM table, but as soon as I directed the view to the derived configuration, the "link balloon" box disappeared again.

I have other drawings with similar setups with no problems. 

Other people have been able to do this with no problem. 

I had this issue with my old computer;

I have the issue with my new computer.


Is there a setup selection I should be making?  Is this a bug that's still hanging on?