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bottle inverter

Discussion created by Azmi Haouari on Jul 27, 2020



I've worked on a bottle inverter that invert a bottle 180° so that it can be cleaned with air jet before the filling process:

the inverter is the assembly of multiple polyethylene plates (thickness 5mm) and the disdtance between two consecutive plates is 6mm 


I've modeled this shape to be cutted in the polyethylene plate with laser cutting (the interior shape is the real sahpe of the bottle)

But when I assembled the plates, the bottles didn't pass through the inverter, so I modified manually each plates and it turns out the shape that sould be cutted is like in the image below:

Now 'm working on another inverter for a different bottle, the fisrt inverter is fuctioning correctly, but I don't want to modify the plates manually after the laser cutting, is there a function in solidworks that determine the exact shape needed, and how to know if the inverter that I modelled would work correctly. Please help it's urgent.

I'm working on Solidworks 2018.