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Preparing sheet metal section to be torn away with hand tools

Question asked by Valery Volkov on Jul 28, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 28, 2020 by Rick Becker

So I was told by someone at work (who's not a mechanical engineer) there's a sheet metal design technique that they typically use for the back panel of PC's, where there's the ability to tear a certain section away with hand tools like a screwdriver. Like a whole entire rectangular area that you can tear apart from the sheet metal, for instance. I assume it's done by reducing thickness and leaving an entry point for a screwdriver or something. Maybe it's not just reducing thickness but also creating punches all around the area of reduced thickness that you wanna tear away.


I'm really curious because I can't find the friggin' name of it or even if such a thing exist as a standard design technique. I really want to read up on that.


So, all I need is the name of this design technique, then I'll start doing the research of whether I should even use it for my project and how Solidworks supports it.