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CSWP-SM, is there a way to review the questions?

Question asked by Joshua Mantyla on Jul 27, 2020

I need to figure out where I went wrong in the exam. I just took the SM exam and bombed it, despite studying hard and being able to model anything asked of me while at work. I need to review the questions to compare to my results and find my error.


I passed all the base sections, so it can't be my base model.


I burned a bunch of time after they requested I add a flange that was partially across a face but defined by its length instead of the offset. Offset is the only option for defining the width of a Miter feature, from what I can tell.


I ended up creating an equation subtracting the outer bend radius fro C to generate the offset measurement. But none of the questions would have been effected by that dimension. (I probably should have burned a few minutes to identify the variables in ALL the questions first so I could plan my 


I needed to manually enter this every time they updated C. BUT, none of the questions asked for  dimensions that would be effected by this height, instead they where based on the flat length of the part (the length includes the length (not height) of the added flange.


I would expect this flat-length to only update with "K-factor" and "flange position". But I clearly got the wrong answer, therefore I must have either the wrong K factor or the wrong flange position. Which is impossible as I look back on the model because it does not allow "miter-flange" features to have anything but material inside selected. 


It felt like a series of trick questions, which can't be the case. I must have missed something, but I would need the questions to do so.


I feel like it is a waste of time and money to try again if I don't even know what caused my mistakes.

Should I have taken screen shots of all the questions (not allowed from what I know), or is there a way either I or they can review it and tell me what I did wrong?