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how to model angular momentum puzzle

Question asked by Benno Reed on Jul 26, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2020 by Benno Reed

I am new to solidworks and would like to know the best way to model this inertia puzzle;

Its has bizzar behavior in that it if you spin it clockwise it keeps going, If you spin it anticlockwise it gets upset, starts to rock, the stops, then slowly spins clockwise for say half a turn. Its got to do with angular momentum versus its static centre of gravity and its pivot point.  Hence its like a boat hull with its lowest point being off centre from its 2 axis (when looking plan view at this ellipse its off centre say 1mm from shortist and longist axis)  so I would like to model this so I can easily vary both its offsets, therefore if I print and it doesnt work I can easily change model and print again.  Hope the pics make sense.