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How to create a straight plain tube with non-uniform wall thickness?

Question asked by Hashim Khan on Jul 24, 2020
Latest reply on Aug 9, 2020 by Krzysztof Szpakowski

Hi everyone,


I'm relatively new to SolidWorks and I am unsure how to design a tube for a project I am working on. I am trying to design a tube with non-uniform wall thickness. The tube has an inner diameter of 0.305inches and outer diameter of 0.375inches, hence a wall thickness of 0.035inches. In actual practice, tube wall thicknesses are not uniform and tend to be given tolerances for variation by manufacturers (can deviate +/- 0.15mm). I would like to display in SolidWorks that the tubing is non-uniform but I am not sure how to go about doing this. Could someone please point me in the direction or give me some advice, It would be much appreciated.