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Terminal Voodoo

Question asked by Jim Sculley on Jul 24, 2020
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2020 by Johnathen Lieber

In this video from 2014, a potential collective terminal is created where the potential from one side of the terminal block is passed to multiple points on the other side.  I cannot replicate this using SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2020.  The video has a mfg part setup with two circuits like this:


The video says the SWE will interpret this as the same equipotential coming in to terminal 1 will got out terminal 2 and terminal 3.


I follow along with the video, and everything more or less matches until the point when a mfg part is assigned to the terminal.  In the video, the after assigning the mfg part, the terminal strip looks like this:



Note the mark info: "1,1,2" and "blank,1,3".  In the schematic (in the video) the terminal marks are 1 and 2:



For me, the terminal strip looks like this:


Note the mark info is slightly different: "1,1,2" and "#0,1,3".



For me, the terminal mark is 3:



My suspicion is that the #0 is causing this difference, resulting in that terminal being chosen first for association.  In any event, things just get worse from there.  If I ignore this difference and place my second terminal and associate it per the video, it comes in predictably (?) with marks 1 and 2.  If I then delete the wire on the left side of the upper terminal, and renumber my wires, I get two different equipotentials:



whereas in the video, everything is at the same potential.


What magic is happening in that video?  Is it taking advantage of some undocumented feature that has since been removed?  I was hoping I could use this method to avoid having to create a new symbol like this: