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Export a part with countersinks to DXF without countersink OD

Question asked by Josh Cressman on Jul 23, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 23, 2020 by Frederick Law

When exporting sheet metal parts to DXF, you get extra lines caused by countersinks, or chamfers. Obviously, this causes problems when cutting sheet metal on a laser because the laser makes cuts on both lines and you end up with a hole the diameter of the OD of the chamfer rather than the OD for the given screw size. I have a macro that exports DXFs from all sheet metal parts of a given assembly and the goal is to not have to manually open the DXFs to delete extra lines from features like countersinks and chamfers. I've done some searching and digging and didn't really come up with any ideal solutions. I tried filling in the countersink manually in the flat pattern in the model, but that caused an error when exporting to DXF. Someone in a forum post from years ago suggested to keep countersinks out of the part file and add them at a higher assembly level with just the part placed into an assembly. That's a good idea and I feel like it's my best option, but wanted to see if there were any other options for omitting these extra lines from the export process before deciding to add another level to all of our countersunk parts. Any help would be appreciated.