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I'm getting equipotential through separate male and female connectors, but it's only using pins from one device?

Question asked by Dave Attwood on Jul 21, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 22, 2020 by Dave Attwood

FYI, I'm very new to SWE (~3 weeks) and I'm not an engineer or tech, just an electrician promoted to the engineering dept (& no electrical engineer on staff), so I'm lacking background knowledge and just looking for any resources I can find.


I'm designing wiring harnesses and laying out one per sheet. I have created custom connector symbols representing Deutsch plugs and receptacles (not using the dynamic connector tool). I've got the male plug on one page and the corresponding female receptacle on another and the symbols associated with the same component, connection points set to hyper passing. But it just shares the pins on one symbol and leaves the sockets empty on the other (or vice versa), basically sharing only one manufacturer part and ignoring the other. When I change the manufacturing part association on one symbol it automatically changes it on the other. This makes sense, as both are associated to the same component. So then how do I keep the associations to the respective parts separate, yet have continuity of equipotential on both sides? I could throw dummy symbols over top of loose wire ends and just use the origin-destination arrows, but I want to avoid hacky work like that.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.