Matthew Caballero

Help with car body surfaces

Discussion created by Matthew Caballero on Jul 21, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 22, 2020 by Maha Nadarasa

Hi everyone. I've been trying desparately to use a car body model from GrabCAD to 3D print and use as a body for my DIY rc car. Each model I've downloaded comes as surface body(s), and I've been trying to turn them into solid bodies so I can 3D print them. I tried the Thicken tool but have been getting all sorts of errors ranging from just "rebuild errors" to "failed to offset face or face could not be deleted." I've also tried all sorts of combinations of kniting things together, filling in gaps, offsetting the surfaces... nothing is working on any of the models I've downloaded. Should it be this hard? Any insight would be greatly appreciated. I've attached two of the models that I tried using as references. Both have been cleaned up/simplified from the original models I pulled from GrabCAD.