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Symmetry fixture results error

Question asked by Thomas Wolmarans on Jul 21, 2020

I have a cylindrical symmetric part that I'm trying to analyze. I want to set up the part using the symmetric fixture, but I'm finding different results depending on how I section the part. The setup is shown below.


When I run the part as a solid (first image below), only a small section of the part is over stressed (pink section). When I analyze half the part using the cyclic symmetry fixture (second image), the stress results for the part changes. At a quarter section using the symmetry fixture (third image), a large section of the part is show to be over the allowable stress. This pattern continues as I decrease the size of the section.


Has anybody had similar problems when using the cyclic symmetry fixture. I have the same problem even when using the symmetry, roller, and normal force fixture. I'm not sure if its a problem with my setup, I have a fixed end at the end of the pipe, an internal pressure, and a normal force on a load shoulder on the OD of the part.


I need the part to be in section so I can make a split line as a stress classification line through the section to linearize the stress.