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Reference a configuration from external file in equation

Question asked by Dara Kong on Jul 21, 2020

My problem is fairly simple :


I have a part with some configurations and global variables. I need to access a specific variable in a specific configuration of the part from an assembly.


Here is an explanation on how to do exactly that : Driving Assembly Component with Configured Assembly Dimension. But in this example, instead of referencing a global variable, the example is referencing a dimension in a configuration.


The difference is that it seems to require different syntax. And I can't figure out the syntax I need to reference my global variable.


The syntax that isn't appropriate for what I need :

"Part_Variable" = "Dimension@Feature@Configuration@Assembly.Assembly"


So, I tried this intuitive syntax, but it didn't worked :

"Part_Variable" = "Assembly_Variable@Configuration@Assembly.Assembly"


I wonder if there's an other way to do that or if such an equation syntax exists.

Thank you for your time!