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Equations in assembly modify part file (not only the instance)

Question asked by Dara Kong on Jul 21, 2020
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I created an assembly with all the parts in it being fully defined by global variables (inside the parts). I added two global variables inside that assembly in order to control the instances of my parts in the assembly. Then I tried to make two different configurations of that assembly having different values for these two variables in the assembly.


The configurations works, but because modifying the instance of the part in the assembly also modifies the part itself, I can't make two instances of my assembly with different configurations. The problem is that when I change the configuration of any instance of that assembly (flexible sub-assembly) the parts making that assembly are updated, so every instance of my assembly are change to that configuration (even if they have the other configuration).


As you can see, it works when my two flexible sub-assemblies have the same configuration :

Working when they have the same configuration


But as soon as I try to change the configuration of one instance, the other is also changing (without having the configuration actually changing) :

Not working when they have different configurations



I tried two ways of achieving what I wanted :

  1. Making the global variables of the parts referencing the global variables in my assembly by doing this kind of equation : "Part_Variable" = "Assembly_Variable@Assem1.Assembly" (equation in the part)
  2. Making the global variables of the assembly referencing the variables within the part like this : "Part_Variable@Part1.Part" = "Assembly_Variable" (equation in the assembly)
  3. Adding configurations in the parts making the assembly, and linking the assembly configurations to the part configurations like explained here : Driving Assembly Component with Configured Assembly Dimension. But I couldn't make it work. I think what I was missing was the syntax in order to reference two configurations from two different files. I used this syntax : "Part_Variable" = "Assembly_Variable@Configuration_Name@Assembly_Name.Assembly".


Methods 1 and 2 didn't worked as they had the same problem. I feel that method 3 would work if only I could find the correct syntax.



I need my design to be fully parametric (fully defined by variables and equations). I want to insert two different configurations of the same sub-assembly in another assembly. The assembly, flexible sub-assemblies, and parts are parametric and I have a text file storing all the global variables I need.


Thank you for your time! I hope that I was clear enough! If you guys need an example file, I attached a dumb example of my problem.


EDIT: My attached .zip file was missing the problematic assembly