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Auto Deploy Img vs Client Upgrade?

Question asked by JC Biggs on Jul 20, 2020

Hey folks.   Im just trying to get a general feeling on how the group here likes to handle upgrades, or if one way is better than the other.   



I just setup our company on admin images for 2020SP3.   When SP4 comes out, my intent was to create a new image, and then use auto-deploy over a weekend to upgrade everyone with "remove previous versions" selected.      However, I also read that you can simply replace the image in the share (im assuming with the same file name)  and the user will automatically upgrade when they run solidworks.       My only hang up with this, is how much time it might take to upgrade when the user isn't expecting it. (ie, if they are on a call with a customer, or in a meeting)     I'm also leaning towards keeping a catalog of older images, so if  a new image is broken for some reason, I can revert back to the old one relatively quickly.    Does anyone have a preference or reason for doing it one was vs the other?  Can I run "copy settings" for each user before/after, and it be completely seemless for the user regarding keyboard shortcuts and the like?  



one other question.  Does anyone know how to include add-ins like mastercam in the image?  is that even possible?  Im still manually installing that part.