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Force/Torque PropertyManager (for Beams) non-uniform pressure table driven

Question asked by Martin Dreher on Jul 20, 2020
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I have create one Beam with fixtures left and right. I want to use the table driven pressure to apply a force on only half of the beam. See attached picture Ubung6_allgemein.jpg

In SW 2018 there was no problem to use this table in the Force PropertyManager. In SW2020 the table changes the values in a way where the values are no longer valid. See picture Ubung6_TableDriven.jpg

It is only possible to save the table as .csv file and change the values in MS Excel or the Text Editor. And then load this .csv file again.

What is the Problem with this tables in SW 2020?


In the System Properties I use decimal seperator point. See picture Separator.jpg


PS: Also the Event table in fatique studies have this Problem.


Kind regards Martin