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    Heat Transfer

    Joe Waldner
      I am trying to do a heat transfer study on an array of tubes with thin fins attached, sort of like a large radiator. the problem is to get a good mesh on the fins without ending up with an astonishing number of cells.Is there some way to get around this problem? would a porous media help me out ?

        • Heat Transfer
          Chris Michalski
          what is the density of the packing? are the fins really close together - you can make a mock part that is slightly larger than the finned tube (either solid if lots of fins or rippled surface (like a gear) if few fins) - then define a local mesh inside that mock part so it refines the fins - then disable the solid part so it doesn't see it as a component, it simply uses it to refine the mesh and then ignores it - you can use the same mock part to refine the fluid cells also so that the contact between fin and external fluid is refined