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Animating a tape measure: ruler decal issue

Question asked by Luke Thompson on Jul 17, 2020
Latest reply on Aug 10, 2020 by Rob Rodríguez

I need to render a tape measure being used in an animation.


I'm currently doing this by have 3 components in my animation. The Tape measure body, the tape, and the metal angle on the tip.

I have the tip remain stationary, while the body moves and the X-axis is being scaled to keep up with the moving tape measure body. No problem. However, when I try to add a decal with all the ruler ticks to the surface of the tape, when I scale the tape model, it scales the graphic. I need the decal to remain stationary while I scale the model. Right now i'm wrestling with trying to compensate by scaling the graphic at an inverse rate of the tape, and translating it to the correct position, but its problematic and time consuming. Does anyone have any suggestions? 




Thank you.