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how to check maximum blank size of all sheet metal parts is not exeeding availble sheet size in stock.

Question asked by Puneet Bharti on Jul 18, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2020 by Wayne Matus

most of the time while working with sheet metal Components, I create parts and assemble them in assembly, then at the last stage, when I have to produce flat Patterns of sheet metal components for CNC Cutting, I found some parts are larger than the available sheet size in stock.

I know there is already a method available to check your blank size at any stage, But I want to know is there any automatic way to reduce chances of human error.

Is there any possible way to find out this problem on earlier stage at part level with the help of any sensor like a mass sensor.


Or if there any possible way to resolve this issue at an earlier stage by any automatic indication (that may be an error if our part's blank size goes beyond) than, please help me to do so.

There is already a sensor available in solid-edge for the same purpose (In Solid Edge flat pattern reports the maximum blank size for unfolded components, which can be linked to a sensor that will issue a warning if the raw material sheet size is too small.)