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Trapezoidal Cylinder Text Wrap

Question asked by Tim Montano on Jul 17, 2020
Latest reply on Sep 25, 2020 by Tim Montano

I'm still using an older version of SolidWork  (V10) and for my purposes it generally works just fine.  Any help I need can usually be found by watching tutorial vids on YouTube or some other internet venue but,  recently I've come across a problem when attempting to Wrap lettering around an elongated football shaped model.


Since figuring out how to use the Wrap feature several years ago I've had no problem with it.  Now for some reason I can't get it to work on this particular model.


A bit of clarification  here:  I'm modeling a soft-plastic fishing lure master that I'll be using in the 3D printing of an Injection Mold.  This master is modeled in the shape of an eel.  The front third of the body of this model is shaped like an elongated football.  It's this elongated football shape that I've attempted and failed to Wrap my text around.


I've created my text sketch which consist of a series of back to back copies of the letter "C" facing backwards to simulate fish scales.  When  I've attempted to transfer the Wrap onto the curved elongated football surface I get a message stating that the Wrap feature is not supported on a "Trapezoidal Cylinder."


That's new one on me.  I've never heard of that before.  Can any of you more experienced SolidWorks guys give me a suggestion or a video tutorial link that might help me figure out how to successfully apply this make-shift fish scale Wrap to my model?


I'm sure there's a simple solution.  Maybe I'm just holding my mouth the wrong way as I click on the Wrap icon but I haven't been able to figure this problem out.  Any help or suggestions you can offer would be appreciated.


I've heard and read up on the new textures features introduced on the 2019 version of SolidWorks and it sounds great but,  I'm working with version 10 right now.  Thanks in advance.