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Solidworks 2015 crashes at first splash screen

Question asked by Joe Tahan on Jul 17, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 23, 2020 by Wayne Matus

We have a user who has recently started having this issue. When she tries to run solidworks, the initial splash screen pops up, shows "Loading Registry" and then just disappears. I checked task manager when this happens and solidworks pops up in the list but then disappears. 


I read online that a fresh install could fix the issue but after trying with both windows "uninstall a program" and Revo uninstaller, the problem persisted.


I read somewhere else, that signing in as another user could solve the problem (not sure how) but i signed in as my admin account and still nothing. 


Someone mentioned it could be the registry files causing a licensing issue or that something within the startup sequence isnt running when it should or not running at all. 


Im trying to find my VAR to get technical support but our license is so old and i inherited this from the precious IT manager, so the digging is taking some time. Does anyone have any ideas?