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CircuitWorks PCB origin

Question asked by Darryl Daniel on Jul 17, 2020

Does anyone know if it is possible to specify a different PCB origin in your model that CircuitWorks will recognize and use when you export your 3D model into CW?  You can do this for components by creating a custom coordinate system and naming it "CWX", but this doesn't seem to work for the actual PCB.  We use top-down modeling (i.e. master modeling) and so the default part origin is never anywhere close to where we want the actual PCB origin to be.  When I export my PCB into CW, the origin is floating out in space, off the part.  It also often times flips my board over because my default part origin might be oriented that way.  When I go through the CW export wizard, it asks you to select the Top face of the board, but that doesn't seem to affect anything.  This is maddening...