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solidworks shell problem

Question asked by Jeff As on Jul 16, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 22, 2020 by Jeff As

hi everyone, 
i need help from you the experts !


i am having a problem with my object while using shell feature.
so here i attached the pics and the file itself so you can understand it better.


so, what i did was from the "before any changes.png" pic, i did an extruded cut about 22.5mm depth for the interface area. then i use the shell feature on the front of my object,  then what happened was something that you can see from the "outside.png" and "inside.png" file. from both picture, we can see that they both have different dimensions. and because of that, its causing the hole to be uneven from the inside but its even from the outside which you can see from "hole from inside.png" and "hole from outisde.png" files. 

can somebody explain why this is happening and how to solve this type of problem? 
because im still in learning process, thank you so much for willing to help