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Will VR be available directly in Solidworks in the future?

Question asked by Matt Davey on Jul 15, 2020
Latest reply on Aug 5, 2020 by Joseph Dunfee

I am wondering why Open in VR mode only exists in eDrawings, and if Dassault are likely to integrate directly into the main Solidworks program in future versions. I know this is a tricky one to answer so just looking for peoples opinions and if its something you too would like to see?


The eDrawings version works smoothly and being able to launch any SW native file directly from the menu is great, but there does appear to be some downsides currently; most noticeable of which is the beautiful models & environments that we spend time assigning materials, colours and textures to within SW, all look much worse within eDrawings.... or don't appear all together! It would be great if what we saw on our monitors was just as swish when we jumped into the virtual version.


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