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Is there a function for reading nodes that is simple to use

Question asked by Kyle Thomson on Jul 15, 2020

Hi all,


      I currently have a code i'm writing that I want to pull the final values of specific nodes in my model and save that as a variable, in this case temp. I tried using 


' Get thermal results to Txt
Set SwApp = Application.SldWorks
Debug.Print "Getting thermal results..."
Set CWResult = Results
'nStep = CWResult.GetMaximumAvailableSteps
' last solution step
'Get temperature values for all steps at node 1
Temp = CWResult.GetThermalComponentForAllStepsAtNode(swsThermalComponentTEMP, 1, Nothing, swsTemperatureUnitKelvin, errCode)


however, I am getting a lot of errors in this small section of code.


Additionally, all variable used were defined appropriately at the beginning of my main program.


Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!