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Neglected to realize that "Save as Copy and Open" only applies to the top-level assembly. Any easy way to fix this bone-head move?

Question asked by Stephen Wilson on Jul 14, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 15, 2020 by Glenn Schroeder

Hello, I am an idiot.


We have a lot of assemblies that use similar parts. When I'm going to make a new part, I will often find a part that is close enough in our library, and modify that file into what I need.


Until last week, I had never used that command with an assembly. I assumed, and never bothered to verify, that using "save as copy and open" with an assembly, would save all of the parts within that assembly as copies. (that's where the bone-head part comes in. I should have realized that since I was never asked to rename the individual parts, that copies were not created for them)


So, for a week, I've been changing things, adding/deleting geometry, and saving, saving and re-saving all those parts. And I just realized that this was happening when I opened up an old drawing to look at a reference. Talk about a sinking feeling.


I have re-saved the actual parts a dozen times but, I have not saved any of the modified drawings. When I open up the old drawing, it shows the old configuration for a few seconds before reflecting the new changes. I just closed them without saving. Does that offer a way to reverse it?


We do have Backblaze so there are backups of a sort but, I've never had to retrieve anything from there so, I'm not sure how far back I can go... I assume those backups will reflect the recent changes I made, anyway. We are a small company and there is no CAD administrator.


I can fix this since we have pdf's of all the drawings. But, it will be a painstaking process. So like a drowning man grasping at straws, I'm asking if there is any kind of CYA feature in SolidWorks that could fix this. I think I already know the answer, though. Ugh!