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servo motor simulation in timeline based motion study

Question asked by Ray Tajaly on Jul 14, 2020
Latest reply on Aug 5, 2020 by Ray Tajaly


I do not have sw simulation premium and so I just have motion study with a timeline and there is no event based motion study in my sw motion. 

recently I have a project in which some servo motors are used and wanna simulate it in sw motion. 

the problem is that using normal constant speed motor is not suitable in this project as it does not stop when you turn it off in the timeline because of the inertia it has and no resistant force. adding resistant force like friction does not help as it takes a while to make the motor stop and the motor does not stop in an accurate position you want.

the only way you can stop the motor at the right position is adding a mate and active it in the timeline in a right time but it normally causes some redundancies and errors which you do not want.

can anyone suggest a good way to simulate a servo motor to be able to stop in an accurate position when you turn it off it in the timeline?

I have to mention that again that there is no event based motion study.