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Macro to delete row in table on drawing, if property is empty

Question asked by Joel Zanin on Jul 15, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 16, 2020 by Joel Zanin

Hello all.

Im pretty new to writing my own macro's for SolidWorks.

I mostly used the recorder and frankensteined stuff together, but that method doesnt help me much here..


I wrote a macro which inserts a table with a customname (for example: "Customlist") onto a drawing Sheet.

This table is preloaded with refferences to a part

the part which is used in the drawing, has a multitude of properties, which some of them aren't in use.


For example: "01_Text", "02_Text" etc until it hits "50_Text".

I now would like the macro to check if , for example, the property "38_Text" is filled out. And if not, delete row 13

It does not matter what is written in there, only if something is, or is not

And that needs to be repeated for every row. Those refferences are allways in column "B" of the table


FYI: Sadly the numbers of the 01 etc do not directly correspond with the number of the table-row.

Its like this: 01_Text is in row 50; 02_Text in row 49 etc until 50_Text in row 1




Help would be much appreciated, thanks