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Workstation preference (advice)

Question asked by Greg Cooper on Jul 13, 2020
Latest reply on Aug 4, 2020 by Keith Carter

Hi All, first timer here. Researching Workstation setups. Apologies, your probably get this a lot. Going round in circles. Jumping back & forth between DELL Precision 7540, 5550, 5540 & the LENOVO ThinkPad P53.


For the sake of consistency, trying to keep within the following :

i9 988H - i7 9750H (this is the bit that has me going in circles)

NVIDIA Quadro T2000


M2 512GB PCIe


Would certainly appreciate any insight or guidance for those with experience with any of these. Wanted to ask if there was a clear choice if I asked which one was preferred. Lenovo appears to be significantly cheaper for similar setup. Also trying to ignore some of the 'lesser' known brand which offer great deals.