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Checkbox "Suppress new features & mates"

Question asked by Jim Moder on May 20, 2009
Latest reply on Aug 5, 2020 by Dara Kong
I've recently discovered the very frustrating thing called "Suppress new features & mates" checkbox in the configurations properties window. Now, I know this wasn't here before, and I also know that such a function did not cause me problems before.
I noticed that if I create a new configuation manually it doesn't necessarily check the box. But if I add lines in a design table and let the design table create the configurations, the box is checked. Now imagine with a Cylinder Assembly that has
a cascading configuration tree that has 3 body types, > strokes from 5 to 100 of 2 rod styles m/f, > extend full, retract full, extend reserve, retract reserve. This adds up to approx 288 configurations. Unchecking that box for all new configs created by the table is getting old, very very old. Isn't there some system setting for that stupid function ? What could SW possibly justify for having such a function ? Let's see, I have a whole bunch of configs made up, then all the sudden I do a feature or mate and it doesn't take effect in configurations unless I say so...IN EACH. Pffffff. WTH is that ? Your feedback Please.