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Workstation building for Solidworks (primarily modeling) and Ansys (Fluent). Need advice.

Question asked by Joshua Mathew Jacob on Jul 13, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 14, 2020 by Joshua Mathew Jacob

I'm in the process of building a workstation for use of both Solidworks and Ansys. I am student and not a power user at the moment, but have access to research licenses. These are the current specifications I have seen that are required for moderate to high use of both softwares.  Most of the information I've found is found from these forums itself. I have a few questions about the specifications I have chosen as well as the working of these components together as one unit. 

Specs I have chosen for now: 

1. Intel i7 9th gen 8 core (8700k or 9700k) 3.5GHz - 4.4GHz : Since processor speed is important for both SW and ANSYS and since rendering is not very required for me. Should I go for unlock (Will I need it)? Then cooling complexity will also increase right? 


2. 32gb ram : 8gb x 4 3200 MHz :  I've read that more RAM reduces solving time in FLUENT. Also does more frequency in the RAM specification mean better performance? Should I go for 64? Increasing RAM is cheaper right comparatively?  DDR4 or DDR3 ? What is Dimms in RAM, Is it important? 


3. NVIDIA QUADRO P2200 8gb : Is there an 8gb version? Is 2200 enough for moderate to high use? Is it compatible with both SW and ANSYS?


4. 1TB nvme ssd & 2TB HDD :  Is getting two 512gb ssd better? Also is it wise to go for a HDD as secondary storage? 


5. Chipset :  Is the Intel Z370 a good fit for mentioned specs? suggest a good motherboard please.


6. Cooling system : I've been told that a Corsair liquid cooling unit (H100I, 240mm) for around $150 is enough? Should I invest in a better one? If processor is not unlocked I believe this is enough. 


7. Windows 10 Home or Pro? 


8. Ports required? 

USB 3.1 Gen1 Ports: (2) 

USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-A Port  (1)

USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-C Port (1)

Intel 802.11ac Wifi + Bluetooth 4.2.  ....placement of ports??

(1) HDMI Port (1) Display Port (1) Optical SPDIF port (2) Gigabit Ethernet port

Audio ports ? 

I know these are not relevant to SW, but please help me out if you can.


If there is anything else to consider please tell me.

Thanks in advance.