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C19 temp license - who else is suffering?

Question asked by Gordon Rigg on Jul 13, 2020

To work remotely with PDM there is an issue with the licence acquisition part of the software which (I think) is that it doesn't work i IPv6, but does work in IPv4. Not that I really know what that means. The effect is that a whole lot of people cant log into PDM remotely when SW thought they could - it depends on your service provider - or possibly what country you are in.

The solution is to issue temporary machine licence override files to users as an when they need them. They expire after a month.

I've had a few issues.

I've had licence files come that are for some other organisations machines.

I find that my term licence for simulation isnt included.

I find that my term licence for simulation dropped off the renewal.

I found that the term licence for simulation was randomly allocated to a different machine.

Each time these issues can only be solved in USA, and for us that means 24 hours of down time minimum.


The time when I thought my term licence was available, but it wasn't, sort of, somehow doesn't count because I didn't try to use it? hmmm


Now I sincerely hope SW are working on rolling out an upgrade to the licensing because to me it looks very much like fear of paid up users running SW on an extra machine here and there is taking priority over providing a system that works. They are creating a whole lot of hassle for themselves, and us users to get round obsolete licence sharing software. Its costing them a lot of effort manually crating temporary machine licences and the "temporariness" of that is making work for them and creating down time for us - the customers.
...and will my term licence for simulation be extended for all the periods I was unable to use it because of an incomplete temp licence file? I think I know the answer already.


Meanwhile each renewal I am asked how much longer I intend to carry on working from home. Well it could be a very long time because it works for me and my employer (and Covid -19 isn't going away, particularly if you are identified as vulnerable) - and solidworks with PDM is actually supposed to work like this anyway - they told us it worked!

...and then found out for a lot of people it actually didn't.