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SW World presentation material - why are they dissappearing?

Question asked by Elmar Klammer on Jul 13, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 13, 2020 by John Stoltzfus

This is a question to SolidWorks and hopefully someone on their end can answer it for me.  Cause it is really hard to believe that most SW key users that put together presentations at SW World would opt against public viewing of the very same material.

So please explain how I can get access to all SolidWorks-World-Presentations including the recorded videos, the demo CAD files and the presentation material. And that for all SW world going back at least 3 - 5 years.


If the access is limited then please explain to me the reasons behind it. I would like to know why the presentations harvested by SW each year disappear in the SW corporate void and are accessible on-line only if the presenter themselves post the material on their own suites.


I have followed the SW world presentation for quite some time on-line. Every year the material is only available for a limited time. Or maybe I wasn't able to find it anymore. Either way. If it is there, please show me how to find it. If it isn't please explain why. But please try to be give reasons that are detailed enough for me to understand.




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