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problem large design review

Question asked by Rick Kosters on Jul 13, 2020
Latest reply on Aug 17, 2020 by Rick Kosters

Good morning,


I've been testing with the large design review mode in solidworks 2020, but am experiencing some issues:

  1. Sometimes the reference geometries of all subassemblies are not shown in LDR-EDITmode! Then you cannot lay mates;
  2. Sometimes parts in LDR mode are removed from the correct position and placed in another (arbitrary) position, while it is mated to a coordinate of a subassembly. If I put the Toplevel on lightweight, they will only be put right again ...
    only when updating to lightweight does the part come back to the right place: --> set to resolved still looks good --> save --> close --> open in LDR: even then the position is still good:
    --> If I convert it to edit mode, the reference geometries are again not visible: Not even after I restart the PC.


If this mode worked well you could benefit from it so much, but you still can't do anything with it this way!


does anyone have experience with this and maybe a solution ??