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Filter graphic view not working while using enhanced graphics performance

Question asked by Victor Carruyo on Jul 9, 2020
Latest reply on Aug 10, 2020 by Victor Carruyo

Hello Everyone,


Been having this issue in all of my PCs that run SW 2019 SP2 W10 Pro.


If the enhanced graphics performance box is checked, SW wont graphically filter the contents of assemblies. It will filter them on the list, but not in the display port. Works Fine without the enhanced graphics performance box is checked.


Have tried it in 3 different PCs running a Quadro P1000, a P4000, and a Titan XP. Have also tried several video card driver versions and the issue persist.


Been trying to use the new graphic feature, as it speeds SW quite a bit, but the filter not working is a deal breaker for me. The filter is extremely useful to me.


Thank you for your help.