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How to add a coupler to existing elbows in a pipe route

Question asked by Janet Staddon on Jul 9, 2020

pipe route


I'm new to SW, basically self taught.   I have two things I'd appreciate some help with.

1. I have successfully created a 4000' non-orthogonal pipe route, with settings as shown below.  All I want to do is to add Vic couplers to the existing elbows but, having no luck.  When I edit the route, the elbows disappear. Can anyone tell me what I'm missing here?  I also tried adding the couplers to the elbow part file which visually works but, I can't get the quantities of the additional couplers to show up in the BOM.

2. BOM question.  How do I get the units to change from inches to feet?


I'd appreciate any help, comment, tips.