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Adding draft to a slot on a curved cylindrical surface

Discussion created by Justin Blommer on Jul 9, 2020
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I am struggling add draft to the slot circled in red. This is a shelled out cylindrical object with a slope on the inner and outer walls. I need to add some draft to this slot.


What I've tried so far that has failed:

1) The Draft tool. This requires a planar surface as the neutral plane. Since the slot itself is curved, I created the neutral plane tangent to the center of the slot. This resulted in a very non-uniform draft being applied since the ends of the slot are at a much greater distance from the neutral plane than the center.


2) Wraps. I created 2 sketches for the perimeter of the slot, one as a small offset from the other. I then project 1 sketch on the inner wall and one on the other wall and did a Lofted Cut between them to create the slot. This actually worked, but when the sketch was wrapped to the surface, it skewed the sides of the slot down (instead of keeping the slot parallel to the top surface like it should be) -- see below.



I would greatly appreciate any ideas. Thanks!