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Editing Topology Optimized Parts

Question asked by Mike Alexander on Jul 9, 2020

I have ran a topology simulation on a part, and am wondering how I can edit the part, as the optimized part changed things in ways that aren't physically possible to use, for example, the bolt holes which I told the program to preserve are all shaped hexagonally now. I would be able to simply draw in the extra supports, or extrude cut the holes out again, but I like the shape all together. I have tried to export the smoothed mesh, firstly as a graphic, but then when I try to edit anything that doesn't work, which I'm assuming is because its just a graphic or picture etc. I try to export the mesh to a solid, and the automatic recognition function in feature works always fails, after trying for like a half hour. There are so many facets due to the nature of this topology idea, so I don't see interactively recognizing the features as a viable option. Am I missing something? I just want to edit this feature so I can print it as a working part. I see plenty of youtube videos and what not showing a finished optimized part but none of them go into detail as how they take the topology optimized design and turn it into something usable, but I can't figure out that step. Any help would be appreciated.