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moving models not drawings to final home

Question asked by Renee Kontra on Jul 8, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 8, 2020 by Tim Webb

Hi everyone I have a major issue and hopefully you can understand this and help me find a solution


We have EO's that start the process of Scanning part, Modeling Part etc. the boys don't want the Models to stay in EO when completed they want them to be in there final resting place. 


So in our case it can be 

(original) If we had a drawing that was legible along with all data model made and placed here



  If Scan required because drawing illegible data not available or just cause they want this now

      Starts as

          EO/Douglas/Book5 but these files stay here when completed


    they want 

        EO/Douglas/Book5 to move Book 5 to Libraries/DOuglas/Book5 and no models in the EO 


How do I do that and why would I want to move them? They feel that once released that it should automatically move to the correct folder. 


I hope you get what they want and can help me give them what they want as these files.


Thanks Renee